The Man behind the dress. About me.

“I just can’t concentrate in flats”
– Victoria Beckham

Since my youth I wear that certain something. My closest confidants know nothing about it, yet it makes me. It is the freedom to do what I want and “one” simply does not. I feel complete, arrived and simply comfortable. Nevertheless, I am not what “one” would imagine classically under such a person. Neither I stand on dear fellow men of the same sex, nor I would like to change mine. Quite the opposite. I am one hundred percent satisfied with myself and my body. And that’s how my partner, whom I love more than anything, feels about me. She not only knows it, but supports me all the way.

“Men simply don’t do that.”

You think how you dress up.

And in my case I would use adjectives like “free”, “elegant” and “visionary”. Exactly what we can expect in the next decades I unite in my fashion. This may certainly not be compatible for everyone. But in the end, it’s not the people who counter change only with “we’ve always done it that way” who have brought us forward.

“Be yourself the change you wish for this world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)