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I am shocked how fast things change! It was Christmas market and my girlfriend and I wanted to shop women’s underwear, after we had some xmas wine. And for her we also wanted to buy some clothes. Then we finally did it. In exactly this order! And I can literally “hear” your questions, your astonishment […]

I am shocked how fast things change! It was Christmas market and my girlfriend and I wanted to shop women’s underwear, after we had some xmas wine. And for her we also wanted to buy some clothes. Then we finally did it. In exactly this order! And I can literally “hear” your questions, your astonishment or murmur up to here, now the long version of the story for you.

It actually turned out to be an ordinary Saturday. We had breakfast and first of all did the usual tasks. But just because it was all usual and normal, we felt like a spontaneous shopping trip in the city. So we decided to leave late in the afternoon.

The hours passed, the work was done and we were finally on our way to the city together. Destination number one, we planned, the mulled wine stand. And because it was the first mulled wine of the year, it tasted particularly good again and the second should follow a little later. But because of the sugar rim and the increased temperature of the mulled wine, we noticed relatively quickly something of the Christmas drink. The tongue became looser and the ideas hotter. And it just so happened that there was a lingerie store right next to the Christmas booth.

If this store had been further away, we probably wouldn’t have made the decision right away. But it happened as it had to happen: we headed straight for the store and entered.

The walls were covered with matching lingerie sets, consisting of panties, thongs and bras in the same style. A dream in white, black, red, green, pink and blue. An ensemble of lace, patent and leather, tulle, mesh, mesh and rhinestones. Complementing the matching teasing tops as well as garters and bodies, as well as corsages and everything your heart desires. She was fully in the element of this store and excitedly browsed the walls, shelves and lingerie racks.

But she didn’t have to look far. Already on the first wall she spotted a delicate mesh top with embellishments and lace at the hem, which would cover her upper body picturesquely. Matching it a bar further down, of course, the matching thong, panties and a pair of panties. She eyed the combination, looked over at me determinedly and just said, “and? Would that be something?”. At that moment my pulse shot up; I just nodded. “Size L?” she asked and I nodded again. I’m always rooted to the spot at moments like this, especially at the beginning. A mixture of anticipation, tension and excitement all at once. Coupled with the fear that someone would overhear.

So she took the first two parts consisting of panties and panties from the bar and handed with them to me, since I was already acting as a handbag and jacket carrier anyway. And now came the moment, which I generally really always feel unnecessary: a saleswoman asked if we would need help.

Precisely because my partner with her top figure looks neither 44-46, nor 85-95 bra circumference, let alone L as a size specification approximately fit, she could hardly have managed this situation better: “Yes”, she said, “for a gift of a friend I need the top in L. Do you have it?”. The employee briefly pushed the stepladder to the wall, fished out the noble piece and handed it to us.





In the meantime, I held three absolutely hot pieces in my hand, along with my handbag, her winter jacket and mine – and she continued to browse.

Quickly, a little further back in the store, a shelf of wet look underwear caught her eye. “I’ve got something there that my sweetheart will like” was all she said and went on her way. The vast majority of this wall could well have passed for dominatrix look inspiration. Still, the right size was found very quickly here too and she handed me two more pieces. The bra was from a jet black wet look and patent & leather outfit sprung with gold zipper and gold applications. Matching it was a black patent thong with gold fake clasp hooks, small cute gold rings that held the thin bands together. And while I acted as another clothes rack, she smiled briefly and packed patent overknee stockings and matching garters still on top.

After we had now made appropriate booty, she should also not come up short. So she grabbed comfortable pajamas made of velour and two leggings. The underwear, which she had chosen for herself – admittedly a really hot combination – then probably did not look as good as she would have thought (for herself). Thus, her purchase for herself was also immediately finished.

Determined she headed shortly before the end to a red rhinestone studded corsage with suspenders and rummaged through the sizes. On the way there, a laundry rack with all kinds of promotional merchandise crossed my path, which is why I simply had to take a pair of red and black lace panties that looked both enormously comfortable and sexy. My partner handed me her last find and again the right size.

Now it came as it had to come. Because the day before I had secured by chance for the store a discount voucher through their newsletter, which would supposedly be usable both online and offline. But it wasn’t. So the saleswoman asked whose name the customer card was in. It was mine, of course. Well, and the question as to whether my wife would certainly also have a card, we ultimately had to answer in the negative.

If confusion would be depicted in the dictionary with a face, then definitely yours in this situation.

And at the end? My partner and I almost laughed tears. There had to be another mulled wine, and all the other goodies of the market.

The smell of cinnamon, langos and mulled wine, paired with more wonderful sounds – is there anything better? And on top of that, the cold of winter – without rain. Simply a poem and perfectly harmonious. The fashion show at home was also harmonious.

Admittedly, it was not often that I present myself in front of her in women’s clothes without having drunk a glass of wine, beer, whiskey or champagne, pose and ask for her opinion: but that was an enormously intimate moment. And even though I rarely play with new pieces in front of her catwalk – it is becoming increasingly more frequent and my courage greater.

I now know where the shame of women comes from, to present themselves only in a skimpy thong and extremely sexy bra or top and lingerie in front of others. But you know what? It’s such an intimate, vulnerable, bonding and at the same time arousing moment: I recommend you and you just try it out for yourself before and with each other.

The stares excited me. It was the scrutinizing, examining looks of her deep eyes that touched me. She examined me from top to bottom and put on a satisfied smile. She said to this and that part of me phrases like “wow, that looks absolutely good on you”, “rattenscharf” and “mega my darling! Absolutely mega!”

In the end, her verdict on almost all lingerie was clear. She likes it really well. She really likes me. She even admitted that she finds the skimpy outfits absolutely hot and sexy on me. According to her, she simply had the eye for underlining my body perfectly with a coherent selection of lingerie. Only the corsage we both absolutely did not like.

Well, and what should I write now. Why did all this come about? Because I told her about my find from the Google search for sexy lingerie for men: the Mengerie, which I already wrote about here in another blog post. When and how we both now use the new hot irons together, taste and enjoy, but that now remains our secret. Thank you, my darling!

I advise you and you now to create your own little secret and go to town together right next week and just let things take their course….




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