Get married as a man in a wedding dress?

Man wearing a wedding dress Daring, daring. Because there are simply out there situations or occasions where a man still today “just does not wear clothes”. One of them is certainly the registry office or the church wedding. As a guest maybe still okay, but as a groom? For one, it should be mentioned that […]

Man wearing a wedding dress

Daring, daring. Because there are simply out there situations or occasions where a man still today “just does not wear clothes”. One of them is certainly the registry office or the church wedding. As a guest maybe still okay, but as a groom?

For one, it should be mentioned that I am an absolute fan of doing things differently than what is expected of me. I love it when I don’t conform to the norm. It just feels alive. Whether in matters of dress or just in everyday life. Whether it’s at work or in my free time.

On the other hand, I just love wearing dresses beyond belief. Next to skirts and heels.

So it may be a fantasy of some men to wear dresses at their own wedding, it is nevertheless a formal state or administrative act, which is already unromantic and heavily bureaucratized in its basic features.

And I know this because I also recently entered into the bond of marriage with my partner.

With your own dress in front of the registrar

Now you will probably read quite excited, as now the own wedding went from statten. But more about that in a moment.

Before I continue to tell the story, you need to know that we decided then but very spontaneously for a wedding. Some couples need months or even years for this. They can’t get a date or they just want to have hundreds of people there and have to actually plan far in advance.

This was not the case with us. We didn’t even think about it a month in advance and made the decision: let’s try it. Even more so during the known person restrictions that prevailed during pandemic times. If we get an appointment it is good, if not then it is also good. So you see, there is not much that brings us out of the calm and our life is lively, spontaneous and very eventful.

So there was not really much time for everything! Not even for the choice of outfits. How would we get married? Which outfit would it be? High shoes? Or flats? A short dress or something longer?

I was a bit jealous for these mere kind of questions. Because they did not arise with me.

Shopping Tour

My future wife and I were very nervous on the days before the wedding itself. Of course we have known for years that we belong together. But marriage means there again completely different obligations and responsibilities.

And as it should be different in our relationship, we made the decision to get married on short notice.

The shopping day with my partner was then riddled with “this does not like” and “this does not fit”. Well, of course! Find times in the shopping miles an outfit that looks so right from the start, in addition also still fits or is available in the right size. And then still with the not insignificant pressure is provided: “this outfit coins your wedding photos forever”.

But then we found quite quickly a really great outfit. It should first be a floral skirt with a cream top, combined with a red jacket. The skirt we have then also taken.

The secret

Only then a few days before the wedding suddenly even the skirt was no longer the real thing. Finally, it becomes serious.

I’ll tell you a secret now, which until today only the closest family knows. Because my wife and I stood before the registrar, and except for the shoes of my future bride, all the rest of the clothes came from my closet.

And I leave it now for the time being completely to your imagination, which outfit combination is now realistic, which of us wore exactly what and why we wore the same size.

Time travel – the summer 21

The pandemic had visibly left its mark on quite a few people. Much home office and hardly movement forced also me to Pandemie beginning unceremoniously to mothball my 40/42er clothes and to unpack on a later day X again. This day X will come also surely sometime! If I only lost weight again.

And how much I had to lose in the meantime was remarkable. Because it was a creeping process. From one day to the next, blouses, dresses, skirts and shirts no longer fit. So order one size larger.

Unfortunately, you can’t stick to this motto indefinitely. Because simply your favorite brands at some point no longer offer a corresponding size. Or the cuts no longer fit.

So several cocktail dresses, satin skirts and my favorite leather skirts all ended up in plastic boxes and went into the closet. My ordering lust was satisfied though, because I received new parts. But the fulfillment was certainly not. When at some point even 46 seemed to become too small was clear: lose weight is announced.

That was over a quarter of a year ago.

Marry as a man with dress

And now, finally, I can reveal the secret. The twilight clears and the outfit constellation before the registry office comes to light.

Because I own a variety of dresses of different shapes and colors. Cuts and patterns. Lengths and variations. And by the way, I have clearly presented to you on my website, what types of dresses are there actually?

Among other things, I also own a wonderful wine red, short cocktail dress with offset lace top and chiffon skirt with shiny underskirt. A delicate dream in red, which elegantly plays around the legs in a light breeze. “If now this dress would be walked down the aisle (not available in the registry office)?” you will now think.

And you shall be right! Because all the guests and the registrar had the pleasure to admire this dress. Not on me, but on my charming future wife.

Because she did not like the choice of the skirt shortly before the wedding. It was not satisfactory and probably not festive. In addition, and this knows both man and woman, problem areas become much more important on important days and literally take up a lot of space. Suddenly, a little wrinkle here and a dimple there are disturbing. The skirt sits silly and the outfit doesn’t work. On such days, you very often hear the famous phrase: “I have nothing to wear”.

And since the garment crisis broke out on a Sunday, I suggested that she go to my clothing selection and try on the clothes that she would like and that were getting too small for me.

And that’s how I ended up marrying my wonderful wife with my dress.

Further private details like the kind and color of the underwear, which nail polish adorned the feet and so on…, there will be no more here at this point now.

Only one thing I would like to get rid of then nevertheless. Whoever it is. However you decide. If you have found in your life, a best friend, a great partner, a soulmate and also a person to steal horses, share also your deepest wishes and secrets. And even if you put on dresses & co for you so far, no one knows… think about opening up. It will be worth it.




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