I was in the store wearing highheels and lingerie (part 2/2)

After I wrote in the last post about how proud – well, surprised is more like it – I was that the saleswoman didn’t mind recommending me a corset size, this post just puts everything in the shade. And both stories happened on the same day! Because as written, the right corset size for me […]

After I wrote in the last post about how proud – well, surprised is more like it – I was that the saleswoman didn’t mind recommending me a corset size, this post just puts everything in the shade. And both stories happened on the same day!

Because as written, the right corset size for me was not there. So we had to move on. And my wife remembered well a store at the beginning of the Reeperbahn. So we went in there. And very quickly it was clear: this selection has it in itself. One hammer corset next to the other. What a variety of shapes, cuts and fabrics. Simply overwhelming. So we quickly looked at the first beautiful parts. And searched the clothing racks for the right size. However, it was not so easy in this store. Especially since the price was significantly higher than in the small store before.

One insane dress lined up next to the other, and so we worked our way deeper into the store piece by piece. And we quickly spotted a sign saying that they had all sizes in stock.
So my partner didn’t fidget long and asked the salesperson if they had corsets. This time, however, she went straight for the jugular and seamlessly added “for him” with a nod of her head in my direction.

Visibly unimpressed, as if it were once again something completely normal, he answered in the affirmative and called us to please follow him. I showed him a black and a red corset! Both pleased me indescribably well. And immediately he went and picked out the sizes 44 and 46. But since he still wanted to be sure, he briefly took measurements and then handed us the two parts.

Up to this point, I was already amazed at how unmolested the topic was handled here. A field that was so big for me suddenly became insignificant and normal. Sometimes he spoke a little too loud and clear to me in front of other store visitors that >ich< would wear the corset, but apparently no one noticed. After all, this is a store for extravagant clothing, eroticism and fetish. That alone is enough occupation for many. There is no time to listen to the concerns and conversations of the others.

With the hint, we should go to the lower floor to the lingerie, because there we would have large cabins with appropriate privacy, we went to go one floor lower.

And how shall I say. These impressions, which offered themselves to us then would be in each case insufficiently described. You have to have experienced and seen it yourself.

Like the rest of the store, the area was enormously clean, bright and friendly. Sophisticated lighting set the shelves top in scene. The room and walls were also painted in red, black, lilac and white. Brightly designed walls provided space for lingerie, underwear, bodies and more. But we had a mission. To find a locker room! And that was the biggest problem. We couldn’t find them. So we asked where they were. Saying that we were sent here from above to find a larger locker room.

A door with an electric lock, presumably to make it harder for thieves, opened and we entered. So here we were.

Slowly we put down all our things including coats and jackets and sorted ourselves out. I couldn’t really believe it up to this point, but at least hardly anyone suspected anything, until suddenly -…

“I’m afraid he’ll have to wait outside. Only one is allowed in the cabin”. Of course. Absolutely brilliant. Super great. And now? “Ehm,…” said my wife timidly, “but these would be for him”.

Great. And as if that wasn’t enough, when I asked her if I could tie it, she added: “You can help us! And the colleague with the hip-hop cap did the same.

What exactly is happening right now? So now I’m not at a carnival, not in a dress-up store, not alone and not trying on masculine clothing, or rather, I’m also letting a co-worker tie me up? My Tshirt, which was under the black splendor, was only so pressed against my body.

But he quickly realized that I really enjoy the tight feeling of being constricted by a high-quality corset, train after train tighter. So he went all out and showed what the corset has so on it. He explained to my partner on the basis of my stature and the lacing, how such a corset would be attached. And for everyone this situation was as if it was something completely normal.

When the show was over after two more parts, we packed our things and left the changing room.

But now, the colleague started again, since we were already there, we could take a look at the lingerie. Here, too, all sizes would be in stock. No sooner said than done.

I tried on an estimated twenty bodies, bras and panties. Tops and garter belts rounded the whole thing off. Of course, each without the colleague. Because we were so familiar to him in the meantime that he allowed us to stay alone in the cabin. They were afraid that we could fall over each other. However, we did not do that and dutifully obeyed the request.

But, since we are now already times here, we rummaged still with the shoes. What do I say? Weapons! Absolute eye-catcher. Although very fetish-inspired, but exactly that is missing in my repertoire.

So we also had these shoes in matching size given, and again a few bodies, panties and a combination of enormously hot bra and a skirt.

So now I truly stood before my wife in the middle of a big city, in a dressing room in a store in suspenders, skirt, bra and devilish peep toes? Yes! And it was the upper hammer!

Not only the confidence, what she gave me and I reciprocated. No, simply this evening per se!

So it is not surprising that after more than three hours and two shopping bags later the retreat to the hotel was started.

The following day we already had fun with the new parts and built them into a shoot.




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