Man dressing up as a woman: Carnival & Mardi Gras – more than just a carnival gag?

To start with: I am one of them. Every year, I feverishly await the day when I am allowed to slip into this one role again. What’s the difference? I make it public. Because the day when I have the courage to leave the house in skirt, blouse and high heels on a normal day […]

To start with: I am one of them. Every year, I feverishly await the day when I am allowed to slip into this one role again. What’s the difference? I make it public. Because the day when I have the courage to leave the house in skirt, blouse and high heels on a normal day is still very far away when I write this article.

Although this hobby project “the man in the dress” is still in the first weeks and enjoys ever-growing popularity, it is still an immense challenge for me to show myself in front of others. The family knows. But none of my colleagues nor friends and acquaintances suspect anything about it.

As a man, can I dress up as a woman at Carnival?

But now to the actual topic: dress up as a woman at carnival. Many stories are fabled to this disguise. There are on the one hand the stories about men, who should be homosexual in the heart nevertheless, and on the other hand it should be such, which are considered mega boring, since the costume “woman” is as old as the carnival itself and extremely unspectacular.

So many ask themselves the question: may or should I dress up as a woman at carnival? Honestly? Why shouldn’t you dress up as a woman if you feel like it?

Carpe Diem

Use Carnival – or Mardi Gras – to scrape up your courage and hit the dance floor in high heels. They’ll get hot, envious and considerable looks, absolutely! And rightly so. Because if you can already walk on those heels and make yourself look pretty, then you deserve the attention. You’ll enjoy it.

You’ll also enjoy the celebration of getting ready. It is an absolutely great procedure. Make up, transform while sipping wine, champagne or cocktails. Moreover, if there are women present who enjoy dressing up, it will be all the more smug and amusing for you.

They will enjoy it as much as you do! Each participating part has as much fun as the other. You, because you’ll finally be made right again. And the others, because they enjoy the social “remodeling” of your visage.

Now it’s all about your goal! Do you want the look and feel to be perfect? Do you want to stand out? Or if possible, not to be recognized as a man at all.

The Shrill Outfit

If you are classically on the road, so the carnival most original sense in its full colorfulness would like to counter, then make your outfit as colorful and flashy as possible. Stand out at any price is the motto. High pumps are as much a part of your outfit as striking makeup as glitter or shiny material on your skin. If you dare, glue on false eyelashes. But be careful: if you don’t have any practice, it’s like walking in high heels: you won’t succeed.

Anyway, I would advise you to practice walking in high heels for longer than just the week before.

Do it for your own sake. After all, your requirement is a good outfit. This includes not only the appearance but also the good gait!

Classy Outfit

If you want to show yourself, on the other hand, completely from the Lady Like side, I recommend you to pay attention to the harmony when choosing the outfit. The dress – or skirt & top – must match the makeup and shoes. And whether it’s sequined dresses or leather skirts, you’re sure to get hot looks.

Make sure that the entire outfit choice does not come across too cheap. Too short skirts or skimpy outfits, paired with too flashy makeup quickly looks “tranny”-like or like drag queens and their first attempts at walking.

Classy means to caricature the female perfect! It is desirable to put a little bit on top. However, leave it at that and don’t overdo it.

Normal for women disguise

And finally, the third, cool variant, which also works on Halloween for example: Buy a classic female costume and play your part! Whether as vampirina, doctor or policewoman: well combined you will be THE highlight of the evening. And by that I mean the following combination, for example. Combine a vampirina dress with fishnet tights, 60s velvet gloves and red platform pumps. In addition wig and contact lenses (attention: also here wants to have been practiced before plentifully without makeup!) and with suitable clown make-up still white color in the face conjured.

For the gentlemen of creation: it’s getting cold 😉

Finding the right tights

For this reason, you need to weigh: Sexy outfit and freeze or something more covered, for that you do not get cold. By the way, I have had the best experience with KUNERT hosiery.

My recommendation: KUNERT Hosiery.

They don’t only look good, they are also warming. And if you (like me most of the time) are too comfortable and lazy to shave your legs completely, it’s best to grab a pair of tights with a little less transparency. That way you don’t see anything and it still looks good. Under all tights there is always a funny DEN number. But be careful: The lower the DEN number, the more sensitive the fabric is. Run stitches are not uncommon there and do not look nice.

What does DEN mean?

  • DEN 5-15: This is an absolutely gauzy fabric that evens out the uneven skin tone, but gives absolutely no warmth. Shaving muffle must refrain from this, because you can see literally just everything. Due to the thin fabric, tights with low DEN are preferably worn in spring and summer.
  • DEN 20-50: Here we are at the so-called fine tights, which with increasing DEN number (denier number) become almost opaque.
  • DEN 60 and more: Tights with this thickness are very opaque and also provide warmth in the cold season.

Here you can find KUNERT tights on Amazon* in all shapes, colors and THE numbers.

Which color can I wear?

Basically, you will find two main color shades. Namely, black and skin tone. Although there are many variants, but only the two colors mentioned are particularly popular. And what color should now have the ideal tights at carnival?

In principle, dark blue and berry tones are the most popular in autumn and winter. They are not too gaudy and rather represent nuances. So those that are timelessly chic, elegant and easy to combine. Black and brown, of course, always goes.

From the tights manufacturer “FALKE” you get fine tights* 🛒 for example, already from about 15 euros. The advantage to this model is also that they come in different colors and can be found in Amazon’s “prime first try, then pay” program.

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More Information

But nobody knows that I would like to dress up as a woman

Now, of course, this is relatively inconvenient for now. Therefore, it is important to sound out even before the carnival appearance, whom you should tell about your plan and how much. Because nobody knows that it means more to you. You would get on their nerves very quickly if you only talked about this topic day in and day out. For everyone involved it will only be an outfit, nothing more.

Nevertheless, I recommend you to take a person into your confidence in advance, who will do your make-up. You won’t be going to the local beauty salon twice to get yourself ready. Whereby I must say: it is worth it in any case!

Because otherwise there is only the second possibility: direct by chance times a conversation with female participation on the fact that you would never do something like that. You will quickly see that many women enjoy making men “right”. This way you can prove your sense of humor and easily achieve your perfect makeup.

But you can also practice. But this must happen long before the event. Look at makeup tutorials on YouTube. Whether from drag queens or women does not matter. Both can usually handle makeup very well. Make up the looks yourself in front of the mirror. Because on the big day you have little opportunity to familiarize yourself with the “tool”.

All in all, it should give you one thing without any pressure: a lot of fun. And remember!

Makeup runs anyway when you sweat. For everyone else, it’s “just” a disguise. And last but not least: everyone is most concerned with themselves.




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