Man simply wears (no) women’s clothes

You don’t do that . Do you know this? Your thoughts wander in completely different directions *until* someone calls out from the off: “but you don’t do that.”. And there are very many things that “the German” or generally “one” does not do. Sure, everything that is against the law, you don’t do. Unless you […]

You don’t do that

Do you know this? Your thoughts wander in completely different directions *until* someone calls out from the off: “but you don’t do that.”. And there are very many things that “the German” or generally “one” does not do. Sure, everything that is against the law, you don’t do. Unless you can cope with the consequences.

But how is it actually with unwritten laws, like: Men don’t wear dresses, skirts or high heels? Where does that come from?

The reactions on the net when women find out that their man does something like this range from insecure, disgusted, to tense, to interested and supportive, even attracted. How far-reaching this reaction is depends heavily on upbringing factors. How “anti” was the upbringing? How classical? Were men enemy images in the parent’s (or mother’s) eye? How do you keep it with other cultures and what hobbies did you cultivate together?

I can understand if the feminine clothing on a man simply does not please a person. Just as there are people who do not like sweatpants. And truly, who wears sweatpants has lost control over his life (according to Karl Lagerfeld).

Therefore, it may well be that the feminine patterns and fabrics, the cuts and colors and shapes just don’t appeal (to a man). For example, I don’t like Kort – no matter who wears it. Or colorful Hawaiian shirts or flashy brightly patterned outfits. Whereby the latter can also look good – a question of type.

Whoever dares to do something then again may not really complain about the fingers, looks or laughter of others. But think about the motives of these “others”. I would like to be now truly no moral apostle. But can it not be that exactly these people who make fun or point the finger at you, on the one hand would never dare to do something like that and on the other hand are so broken that they abuse you as an object to feel better about themselves? And no I’m not talking about that everyone must always find everything good and tolerate. But just leave alone and do not get upset, would be neither approve nor tolerate. But just true to the motto “Carpe diem” or “To each his own”.

Were you always like this?

And by the way, my fashion style has always been changing. For example, leather jackets as well as leather shoes, suits and shirts, as well as statement pants and strikingly fresh and successful clothes used to be absolutely not part of my closet. I felt maximum insecure and uncomfortable in it. Since felt me also always everyone only looked at. I felt artificial, almost put on. Now, half a decade later, I feel it – and love it! It expresses success and joie de vivre. Just like my well-combined women’s clothes.

Another controversy is make-up. Per se, I’m not against a beautiful woman putting on makeup. I just say she doesn’t have to. For example, gaudy striking makeup, where the mouth already screams loudly against without the person has said a sound: I do not really like. But who am I to tell her at that moment that “woman” just doesn’t do that? If she feels comfortable doing it, her character and charisma is a thousand times more beautiful than me making a fuss about the way she does her makeup. So “carpe diem” and “to each his own”.

So how do I get to the “real” topic of this post? I want to write today about how “man” doesn’t do it. Because “man” just doesn’t do that. But why actually? Who is this “man”? And why can he command things?

Who do men in dresses bother?

First of all, this “man” includes both men and women. Because women can also be absolutely hurtful in this topic. But they are usually the ones who then grab your butt, slap your skirt or touch your fake breasts. Carnival – o le.

And in this same carnival, it’s the drunk guys who dig you down in your provocative getup and very quickly make the bend when you then answer in a low voice.

Men don’t wear skirts. This statement is absolute cheese in Scotland at the latest. And it was in the Middle Ages, too. In the 80s and 90s men even wore glitter and sparkly clothes. Well, and where are designers taking us in the current century? Miles ahead on our own noses. Because society is not (yet) ready to let a man in a skirt or dress be what he is across the board. Namely, simply a man in a skirt or dress. Fashion designers already want to see the man in a sexy dress, but the masses out there don’t yet.

So why don’t they actually “just” do it? And why does “Man(n)” have to disdain people who do it so much?

It probably remains a well-kept secret of everyone himself. Lack of self-esteem, which must be increased by devaluing the other? Admiration of the courage, which one does not have at the same time? Or is it simply “feeling cool” in front of others. No matter what it is: you just don’t do it!

So in the future, if you want to (once again) put someone down for their outfit, just don’t do it. Look the other way and finito.

And if you want to wear whatever you want in the future: just do it. Chest out, head up, and go for it.

I wish both characters each a lot of fun enjoying their now newfound quality of life. Because “carpe diem” and “to each his own”.

And maybe we’ll manage to transfer the one “you just don’t do that” to the other “you just don’t do that”.

In this sense, have fun out there.




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