Men wearing skirts is it just a trend?


We live in exciting times. When you have a look at New York Fashion Week, concerts of Harry Styles or at the Venice Int. Film Festival – you see eye catching celebrity outfits.

During the last decades outfits on the red carpet always has been – let’s call them “special”… But these days especially men wearing those special outfits, too. What I talk about are skirts, dresses and heels! Yes, you read that right. 

The trend is called modern, gernerless fashion. Many, very masculine men started to step out in rather feminine dresses and skirts.

And yet luxury brands cover the topic. Influencers raise their hand and support the whole topic, actively: Men wearing skirts (and dresses or heels).

To be fair enough the majority of men are wearing classic trousers, shirts and suits. And right now “only” haute couture brands like Gucci, Chanel etc. are dressing up men in more or less feminin outfits. Even on their catwalks. But the interesting fact is: How many men are doing it in their daily life – and even secretly?

The scottish are doing it for a long time…

Suits are for men. Dresses for women. And there is no mixing.

That has been the standard for dressing up in modern, western fashion as long as we’ve known it, or at least, how many people have been raised to believe it.

But that’s not what I mean by writing this article. Let’s head over to the north of europe. The scottish skirts are mid long skirts who have a long tradition. And what you see when looking at modern skirt wearing men are short, mid or long skirts with spectacular designs. They differ from scottish kilt, of course.

But did you know, that there’s a history of men in skirts?

Wearing them wasn’t popular at all until pop culture figures from David Bowie to Harry Styles began wearing women’s dresses without threat to their masculinity. Perhaps to the subvert modern gender roles or surprise of modern upholders of certain gender-specific constructs. However it isn’t just a trend anymore and it wasn’t, because men have been wearing dresses for centuries. The romans called them togas. The European royalty wear heavy makeup. And that was centuries ago.

Genderless clothing

Nowadays, men wearing skirts and heels doesn’t have anything to do with royalty at all. It is about to wear something, you like. And it becomes normal – for many people out there. Gender borders are about to become indistinct. In discussions and fashion. Though it still may be controversial for some, the late 2010s and early 2020s have shown that clothing is genderless.

Will you join the revolution?

It will remain – somehow

From my perspective everybody can do whatever he or she wants to do. As long as it does not affect me. As soon as you try to convince me or force me to have a special oppinion or taste, then it is affecting my personal space. Don’t harm others and they will leave you alone. It is possible to exist next to each other without harming or discredit the other person.

And so I think the whole topic should be treated as well. It’s totally fine to demonstrate, that you are interested in the new style a guy is wearing. It is also okay to not like the outfit. But there’s absolutely no reason for harming, insulting or offending others because of the clothes they wear. Even more because dresses and skirts were not allocated only to women wardrobes since ages. The opposite is true. 

What do you think about the topic? Leave a comment below and point out if you wear skirts, if you know a guy doing it or if you agree or totally disagree on my points.




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