Special trip to the Hamburg “Kiez” (part 1/2)

Moin Hamburg, moin Highheels If you ask yourself: What the heck does moin mean? Moin is the Hamburg (Germany) way to say Hello, good morning, good afternoon and good night – it all fits for the same term. But as the post title refers: My wife and me just went to hamburg and I put […]

Moin Hamburg, moin Highheels

If you ask yourself: What the heck does moin mean? Moin is the Hamburg (Germany) way to say Hello, good morning, good afternoon and good night – it all fits for the same term. But as the post title refers: My wife and me just went to hamburg and I put my heels on.

Well, it was a bit more difficult.

It wasn’t our primary goal to buy me new heels. But in a sense once something dare, it was already on the wish list when we decided to go on vacation in Hamburg. But lets start at the beginning.

And growled namely powerful the stomach. Indian or Mexican would now be an enormously good solution! So we looked for restaurants within walking distance. We quickly found what we were looking for and reserved a table for two in half an hour.

The night was pleasantly mild, so the short walk to the Indian restaurant was a welcome change. So was the start of the Reeperbahn. With all its fascinating stores, flashing signs and sounds. One store in particular stood out. Because on the sidewalk it had become enormously bright by the white and very well illuminated huge entrance. No provocative flashing. No particularly shrill sign. The store exhibited extravagant dresses, next to provocative lingerie and all toys. Simple and elegant, but still eye-catching. Just as I would expect a corresponding store to be. Because I don’t like those little dingy looking corners. Especially not want to get the feeling to enter something dirty when it comes to these topics. Just friendly and clean it should look. And it did! The white shop windows almost dazzled as we walked by.

But the stomach growled, so quickly move on to the next alley. We found the restaurant pretty quickly and also quickly got a seat. We were the first visitors, but within minutes the entire room filled up. In short, we got very, very tasty food and drinks, were served by an extremely nice staff and time passed quickly.

So it happened that after dinner, my partner and I set out to catch sight of the colorful glowing signs of the Reeperbahn and surrender to the magical attraction of the pleasure mile.

And it’s quite fascinating the magic that emanates from this place. How many centuries it has been amusing and satisfying the masses in equal measure. However, there was little of all the glitz and glamour, the sheer overcrowding and flood of people in the pandemic-ridden times.

So we strolled quietly and without crowds from store to store, from bar to bar until we suddenly stopped at a door and went into an erotic store. It was supposed to be a special visit, but the rest of the evening would quickly eclipse it.

The store was small and inconspicuous. Nevertheless, no less exciting. For my partner quickly spotted a whole shelf with one brightly colored corset after another. I like the tight feeling of being constricted – and she knew that too! Only, at first, there was nothing to be found in my size.

So without consultation, she headed to the store employee to inquire if the selection or stock would include any other sizes. After this in turn asked for whom it would be and what wishes she would have exactly, my partner wordlessly brought a nod in my direction. Followed by the words that “this is actually much more for him” and what size would be right.

If a hole had opened up in the floor at that moment, believe me, I would have even jumped in willingly. Seriously. I mean, just revealing that we were shopping for me? In front of another person? What might she think? Outrage? Astonishment? Amusement?

But after she recommended size 44 – 46 without batting an eye, mustered my stature and confirmed it again, she came over to us and showed where the large sizes would be. We finally thanked her and studied the sizes.

“Did you notice?” said I, “she didn’t even care or let alone mind!”. I wonder if it was the Reeperbahn? The nature of the store? Or the woman herself? In any case, the situation was everything but unpleasant.

Finally, however, we found none of the sizes and decided to visit the other stores. Because the Kiez still offered all sorts of possibilities! So we moved from store to store, unfortunately in each case without success. None of the stores had the selection, which we needed.

But there was still this white shining, extremely conspicuous store at the very front of the Kiez. I would have forgotten it long ago, but she could still remember it very well. And what we were to experience there put everything so far with the project and hobby “The man in the dress” in the shade. The next three hours were to be provocative, electrifying and revealing or insightful.




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